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"Les Territoires Ephemeres"

In collaboration with Valentin Tszin and A. Guevara (for dialog 2)

Trans-disciplinary performance, that unifies a various artistic disciplines, such as: audio visual art, dance, butoh, electronic music and abstract poetry with the theatrical elements into one ephemeral interaction. Unlike the other art objects, that presumably fix in time and it’s defined context - such as painting, music album or film. The performance exploring the idea of art “jetable”  (fr) - an art piece that lives “one day”. While investigating a certain fragile realms such as: the inconsistency of the memory, physical and mental frictions and relativity of the perception, the idea of the performance is refers to transitory audiovisual matter not intended to be retained or preserve.

*Currently dialog 3 is in development.


"Aurora Cerebralis" 

in collaboration with A. Guevara

An audio visual performance 360 DOME format.
Ambisonic audio or spacial audio

A very different kind of mind-game: From generative images of cerebral activity and neural connections, Dasha Rush creates a dance on the threshold of simulation and stimulation, since the images from the inside of our neural network change the perception of the physical space. In “Aurora Cerebralis”, images and sounds synchronizer and de-synchronize in real time, and the complex spatial sound evokes transient, neurological shimmers that alter our perception of time in the same measure as they bend or expand the real space.

Aurora Cerebralis_Lunchmeat9_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 23.45.14.png

CODESS It is collaborative project with UY studio and 4D sound


Codess is an interactive installation with live performances, in which performers, machinery, light and sound merge.


Curated by: Idan Gilony

Sound Design: Dasha Rush

Movement Direction: Candela Capitan

Dramaturgy assistant: Joan Morey

Sound System: 4DSOUND

Sound Production: William Russell & MONOM Studios 

Costume Design: UY Studio

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